Sony Reveals Next Generation VR Controller For PS5

Sony revealed its next-generation Playstation VR controllers for Playstation 5 virtual reality system on Thursday. The new controllers offer “stronger immersion with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and finger touch detection.”

The new PlayStation VR controllers are orb-shaped and offer a completely transformed way for gaming. The technology used in PSVR2 controllers is the same used in the PS5 DualSense controller, as the company’s VP Nishino stated. He said it is a new and iconic design that will transform the way VR games are played.

Sony has revealed some of the specs of new controllers that include it has, “Adaptive triggers, Haptic feedback, Finger touch detection, Tracking and Action buttons/ Analog sticks. The features in the new PSVR controllers enable it for palpable tension when pressed, the sensations while playing a game give unmatched and more impactful sensations to the VR play, allows for smooth and natural gestures with your hands while in the play, gets tracked and connected with VR headset through an innovative tracking ring. All these features combined completely transform the virtual reality gaming experience.

The announcement on the new PSVR for PS5 was made in February when Sony said the new virtual reality box would pack dramatic leaps in performance, interactivity, and a greater sense of presence in the game. The new PSVR for PS5 is convenient to connect, as it only asks for a single cord connection to begin the world of your virtual reality.

Developers are working on the latest PSVR for PS5. However, Sony hasn’t announced a date for its release so far, and most assume it won’t come out in 2021.

The previous model of PSVR for PS4 was released a year later for its compatible hardware. It was priced at $399, and Sony kept supporting the platform with new games over time. The previous PSVR is compatible with the PS5 as well. However, it only asks for an extra adapter to connect.

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