This New Smart Tripod Plate Can Fit Both Smartphones And DSLRs

The new smart tripod plate by GoWing is all that a photographer needs today, not just to grip the camera tight but also to place the smartphone in it for a firm grip. It is a new tool for endless fun pictures taken from your pro camera or convenient to use a smartphone.

Photographers by profession often use DSLR for taking pictures; however, for those who take professional pictures for fun, they use both a DSLR and phone camera. This comes with a hindrance sometimes, as there are tripods for professional cameras available at large, but when it comes to taking stable pictures from a phone, a stable grip is often missing.

Catering to this concern and for taking endless pictures, the new smart plate comes in. It lets the users conveniently mount either device on a tripod. Often fun photographers love the view from a heightened place, it could be a mountain top or from the roof of a skyscraper, they ought to take pictures of the mesmerizing views. The idea of putting yourself in that picture without having to ask anyone is also a plus this smart plate brings along.

GoWing is also the producer of previously introduced Lens Flipper and has now introduced to us the “2 in 1 Tripod Smart Plate for Camera and Mobile Phone.” The company’s production factory is in South Korea and has produced immaculate products up till now. The new Smart Plate is made of anodized aluminum with silicone grip pads on top. It has a standard “quarter 20” mounting screw that gets tightened into the threaded hole for gripping the DSLRs. The new plate can easily slide in and out of the Arca Swiss mount tripod head and can also be adapted to other style stands.

The phones placed into the smart plate range from 60 to 91 mm in width, and the whole rig weighs 70 grams all in all. For now, the Smart Plate could be yours for a sum of $20; however, once it gets off the kick-starter campaign, the company is aiming to sell each unit for $45.

Placing a smartphone for a tight grip on the plate is a super easy feat. The user would only have to lift the spring-loaded arm to fit the width of the smartphone. The strong spring and the firm grip ensure not letting your phone fall off while you take stable pictures conveniently with your smartphone, not to mention the least, with a view.

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