This Town In California Is Sinking Into The Ground Due To Pumping Of Groundwater


With the passage of time, changes begin occurring to the natural state of objects that organically exist. It is an automatic process as things have started to change, especially with the onset of global warming and other factors, the natural state of things is getting degenerated. In addition to this, the activities of humans to run their industries and other corporate affairs end up destroying and negatively influencing the state of nature. All these factors combine to permanently alter the topography of land within no time. This is what happened in California.

Corcoran is a town in California that has undergone the unfortunate process that is discussed above. This town is largely and majorly run by the dependence on agriculture. For successful agricultural produce, there is a need for abundant and smart irrigation systems. People of the town dig the ground to pump water up to use for irrigation. Perpetual practices like this have made the town sink into the deeper layers by almost the measurement of a two-story house.

The details are published in the Agence-France Presse (AFP). There has been a very intense drought in the region for quite a while now. This drought leads to a dearth of water for agriculture. As a result, each time, the farmers are forced to dig deeper than before to access water. The situation had exacerbated so much that a restriction on digging too deep was brought into motion.

The agricultural units present in Corcoran are dominated by huge corporations that only focus on profits. They provide job opportunities for the people in the town. Therefore, not much has been said to them as they possess a great deal of power. People fear that if they raise their concerns, they will be fired from the jobs that is running their homes.


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