Jeff Bezos Has Been Overtaken As The Richest Man In The World


Seems like Jeff Bezos is on the ‘second-place’ strike right now with Richard Branson beating him to space and now Richard Arnault, owner of Louis Vuitton taking his place as the richest man in the world.

While the pandemic has been tough on a lot of businesses, small and large alike, it seems like things are getting back to normal now after the administration of vaccines.  The shopaholics are back in town and have started going on shopping sprees like the good ol’ days. This of course has been beneficial for brands such as Louis Vuitton which has seen a huge bounce back from their low 2020 sales to record-breaking sales in the start of 2021. This has increased the luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s owner’s net worth to a whopping $196 billion dollars, well ahead of the Amazon CEO who stands at $185 billion right now.

It seems like recently Amazon’s sales took a small dump with the company’s earnings at only 7 percent with Bezos most likely losing $14 billion in a single day. These factors could have played a big role in Jeff Bezos losing his top spot as the word’s richest man. But this isn’t really a cause for concern as Amazon’s market keeps fluctuating and they will eventually bounce back in a couple of months or even weeks with Bezos back at his rightful place.

And if you’re wondering whether Bezos is actually worried about losing his title, the short answer is not really. The Amazon/Blue Origin CEO has other important matters to deal with such as raging a meme war against his space rival; Elon Musk and SpaceX and frankly, that seems like the biggest cause of concern right now.


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