This Social Media Post Of Thieves Stealing Cars By Jamming Coins In Door Handle Is Fake


Social Media can be a very scary place and full of stories without any sort of reality behind them. However, that’s the beauty of it. You’ll always find folks on Internet that are ready to believe anything that is thrown at them and will share it further to cause a mass panic. The latest of such baseless stories is a viral post that talks about how thieves are using coins to steal cars.

As per social media users, car thieves are jamming coins into door handles and disabling lock systems thus making it easier for them to steal vehicles. Social Media Freaks People Out Again Over A Fake Story

The burglar will jam a coin into door handle of cars in parking lots or driveways and disable the lock functions on cars that feature remote systems. According to one message, “when you get home and press the lock button on your remote, the system will fail to lock. And when you go inside, the waiting thief walks right up to your door and opens it.”

We had to check this theory out and we did. Social Media Freaks People Out Again Over A Fake Story 3

We’d like to call it out as a crappy story. Social Media Freaks People Out Again Over A Fake Story 4

Representatives from Caliber Collision Repair and mechanics from Arnold Chevrolet Buick in Babylon, New York, laughed at the idea of people disabling lock systems by making use of pennies and nickels. Most of the car’s don’t even have slots where such a jamming could take place and from a technical aspect; even if the coins did get stuck, a very few of the key fobs would be hindered.

There hasn’t been a single record of any such theft and that’s that! For all those who still believe it is a real thing, please stop believing everything you hear/read on social media.

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