This Vending Machine USA Dispenses Used Cars

vending machine car2

Seriously? A Vending machine that dispenses used cars? How many coins do you have to pay and does it really work? These are the kind of questions that came into my mind when I first read about these car vending machines that seem nonsensical at first. It turns out that this bizarre project was first undertaken in Atalanta and now Nashville has one of its own machines. It was initiated by Carvana, one of the top online used cars retailer and has so far served novelty purposes only but it is definitely interesting to see how it actually works.

vending machine car

The process starts just like an online purchase where buyers select their car on the online portal. Once you have selected your required car, you have two options, first you can have it delivered to your house and secondly, you can try this awesome vending machine if you want. Once you reach there, your car is already in place and you are presented with an over-sized coin to enter into the machine. Once the coin is in place, it starts the retrieval mechanism and being totally driven by robots, the car is taken from the garage and presented to you. First, a robot grabs the purchased car and takes it down the lift. Once it is down, another robot takes over and takes it to the delivery area. Now, the car is all yours and you can drive it away.

Carvana is promoting its vending machine in all circles and even if you are living elsewhere in the US, you can come and see the vending machine at work as the company will be subsidizing your plane ticket up to 200 $. Also, if you don’t like your purchased car, you can avail the 7-day return policy as well that isn’t offered by anyone else in the market right now.

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