10 Futuristic Inventions Out Of Comics That Are Actually Happening

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Quite often we come across technology in Sci-Fi movies that we wish we could enjoy in our lifetimes like teleportation and traveling at Warp speeds. We aren’t close to achieving this level of advancement right now, but there is plenty of unbelievable tech from the Sci-Fi movies that has already been tested and might find its way into our hands soon enough. Here are ten of these awesome Sci-fi inventions that have been transformed into reality:

1. Quantum Teleporter

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For the first time, scientists were able to perform a quantum teleportation experiment outside the confines of a university laboratory. In this kind of teleportation, the quantum state objects are destroyed and recreated at another location. So, basically, it can create the replica of an object somewhere else. Even though you won’t be able to teleport yourself anywhere, you can bring exact replicas of stuff in your vicinity, thus allowing us to practically teleport stuff through space. Imagine what we could teleport to Mars!

2. The Sixth Sense Tech

Recently at the famous TED event, these inventors from MIT revealed a prototype of a revolutionary device that can soon become the part of our every day lives. The multifunctional device will allow you to multitask and use information around you in a whole different way.

3. 360-degree Holograms

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These kinds of displays have been particularly famous due to their frequent occurrence in the Star Wars and the Star Trek franchises. The ZCam is a whole new video camera that can capture the depth information of a subject and then project its 3-D holographic video. It has been produced by 3-D systems. The technology is based on the Time of Flight principle of Physics, which measures the dimensions of the physical objects using intermittent pulses of Laser. Do see the video of this futuristic demonstration!

4. Lightsaber

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Yes, the iconic weapon of Jedis and Siths is reportedly close to becoming a reality. The elegant weapon from the Star Wars Universe is a concept that uses a continuous beam of energy, probably plasma about one meter long. It can melt blade and even deflect Laser fire, and it can only be parried away by another saber. Though all of its features may not be incorporated in the current design, the famous glow and hum could just be done.

5. Jetpack

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Jetpacks have been portrayed in famous Sci-Fi franchises from the dangerous Boba Fett of Star Wars to Ironman’s built-in feature. They basically use liquid fuel tanks and convert it into gas thrust to propel ourselves through the air. With the recent product development from TAM, now you can buy a personalized Jetpack named Rocket Belt along with a distillation machine to produce your own rocket grade Hydrogen Peroxide at home. Things are getting exciting, aren’t they?

6. Exoskeletons

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An exoskeleton coupled with a Jetpack is essentially what Iron Man is all about. It has a particular implementation in the military where the concept of Super soldiers is now a mechanized version more than a biologically altered one like Captain America. This demonstration video from the US Army shows how exoskeletons are being used to give super strength and endurance to soldiers. It may not be battle ready as of yet, but it is a step towards becoming Iron Man for real, and we are really looking forward to it!

7. Flying Cars

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We have seen several flying car concepts around the world, and many of them are capable of flying perfectly. The only downside is that most of them tend to be either more airplanes than cars and vice versa. It is no longer a quest to make things fly and drive as it has been done already. Now it is about arriving at the perfectly balanced design that can do well both in the air and on land.

8. Flying Saucer

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We have been hearing about flying saucers for more than 50 years ever since the Area 51 was created by the American Government to undertake cutting-edge aeronautical design research. We have seen several designs from mainstream companies become reality like Moller’s prototype. A British company named Aesir has been at the forefront of this design and has created many models of unmanned aerial vehicles.

9. Virtual Goggles

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a new phenomenon to hit the globe with its amazing 3D view capability just like normal vision. It will, therefore, be an amazing thing to look forward to especially if depth can be added to it. We are truly living in amazing times!

10. Contact lenses that change colors to alert Diabetics of Glucose levels.

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Diabetics need to get their glucose levels checked now and then in addition to getting insulin shots to get stable. It is an ineffective medical process overall, and now it may become just a part of history as these futuristic lens can do just that. Small nanoparticles embedded into these Hydrogel lenses cause a chemical reaction that allows their color to change if the glucose levels are low. It was developed by Professor Jin Zhang of Western Ontario University.

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