This Smartwatch Will Run On Your Body’s Heat


We all love our smartwatches. But the hassle of keeping it charged is something every one of us dreads. In comes the PowerWatch, which has an apt tagline saying “Powered By You!”.

The device works just like any other smartwatch, but is different in that is doesn’t require any external energy source. It utilises thermoelectric technology enabling it to get recharged by using your body heat.

So basically you can put on the watch and forget about it, as it will entirely run on your body heat to keep time as well as perform all other smartwatch functions. And to add to its already impressive resume, it also uses biometric information to suggest the amount of power radiated by your body as well as the number of calories you have burned per day.

Pic Credits: Indiegogo

According to its manufacturer, Matrix’s website,

“wirelessly syncs with your smartphone, automatically adjusts to the current time zone, and has changeable watch faces…. It stores up to a year’s worth of data. [And] when you take off the watch, it automatically goes into sleep mode, keeping all the data in memory; it turns on after a few seconds when you put it back on.”

The campaign has been launched by the company on Indiegogo, and they plan to start shipping as soon as July 2017. You can get your own version for a paltry value of $170.The creators, Akram Boukai and Douglas Tham, hail from CalTech. They built the technology in Akram’s house’s basement in Ann Arbor. And after a toil of five years, they are finally able to refine the product for commercial usage.They also are hopeful that this technology will expand into different avenues, such as introducing medical devices like hearing aids, alert devices that don’t need to be recharged. Or running smart refrigerators without any electricity.

Pic Credits: Indiegogo
Pic Credits: Indiegogo

On the question of why did they choose to implement it on smartwatches first, they commented,

“After talking to potential consumers we realized it was the most obvious market to tap into. We wanted to do something for consumers that increases battery life, but also works more intimately”.

For more information, visit their page on Indiegogo.

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