This Gorgeous $20,000 Pen Celebrates Moon Landings


MB&F, which is usually well known for their watchmaking credentials have collaborated with Switzerland-based pen company Caran d’Ache and designed what they call “the most mechanical pen in existence”. The Astrograph is available in as both a ballpoint or fountain tip, and the tip is protected using a retractable landing gear shaped pen holder. The holder also entails a cute tiny ladder, so credits have to be given for the designers’ attention to detail.

The company has released an online manual as well which explains all the intricacies of the design. The pen has been priced at a whopping $18,000, so it is more of an expensive collectable than to be used for daily usage.

[Image Courtesy of MB&F]
[Image Courtesy of MB&F]
The Astrograph comes in four different versions depending on metals and finishes, which includes rhodium or ruthenium. But each version is only available in 99 pieces, which means you must hurry if you want to grab one.

The pen comes in a circular shaped box which has three articulated legs, giving the look of a launch pad for your rocket pen.

MB&F previously has also crafted the TIE fighter music box, which was completed with John Williams’s Star Wars theme.

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