This Smartphone Doesn’t Have A Screen Or Processor And Still Selling Like A Hot Cake

noPhone Does Nothing2

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives and they have become essential for us like our wallet and car keys when we go out. However, for some people, this need has exacerbated to become more of a fear. Psychologists have recently coined a new term ‘Nomophobia’ for people who fear moving around without their phones.noPhone Does Nothing6Like every other phobia or psychological condition, there has to be a treatment for this. This is where the noPhone comes in. The gadget has been designed to mimic the feel of your smartphone and that is only thing that this device will do.Report-infograph-Final

The noPhone is wireless, battery free, shatterproof, and waterproof and doesn’t require any added accessories whatsoever. noPhone Does Nothing4 noPhone Does Nothing3It is merely a block of plastic that measures the same size as your regular smartphone and almost weighs the same too. The idea is to mimic the feeling of having your smartphone in your pocket when your phone is actually not with you.noPhone Does Nothing

It is merely a device that you hold onto to feel comforted and owing to the fact that it doesn’t do anything, it won’t hinder your interaction with the real world. It can also work as your trainer if you’re attempting to reduce the time you spend with your smartphone.
So would you get one for yourself?



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