New Case Gives Your iPhone Night Vision Capability

NVC Case – Infrared Night Light for iPhone 64

 We all love smartphones, right? How would you feel if your smartphone was able to see in the dark as well? We are not kidding folks; this Raspberry Pi-based NVC (Night Vision Camera) case makes your iPhone 6 capable of seeing in the dark.NVC Case – Infrared Night Light for iPhone 6

The gadget works by making use of a total of 8 infrared LEDs to light up objects as far as 9 meters. The light isn’t visible to the naked eye, however, it can be picked up by the 720p infrared camera that has been built into this amazing case. A lithium polymer battery has been embedded into the case that is worth 2,000mAh. The battery can power the case for about 2-4 hours on a full charge and can also be used to charge the phone.NVC Case – Infrared Night Light for iPhone 63

Since the gadget has its own battery and camera, it can be detached from the phone and used remotely while watching what the camera captures over Wi-Fi on the smartphone. The case has a microSD card slot and can store the footage as well. NVC case is created by MSM Labs based in Maryland and the company is currently raising funds. You can get a unit for a pledge of $129. The retail price is expected to be $149.NVC Case – Infrared Night Light for iPhone 64

As of now, the gadget only works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus while being compatible with all phones and models through Wi-Fi. The developers will be probably coming up with newer versions aimed at working with other phones as well. Quite a cool gadget to have, isn’t it?


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