Wonderful Engineering

This Optical Illusion Clock Will Leave You Baffled and Curious

There is nothing better than good old fashioned illusion tricks. We may have  live screens and LED watches all around, but this Moire Seconds Optical Illusion clock, but this is something unique. The screen changes shape from a white blinking cat to red beating heart with no electronics involved. Here is the full video of the clock:

The illusion is created by attaching the hand of the clock to a rotating mask.  As the clock ticks off, other parts of the face are revealed when the hand strikes a particular dial. It keeps us in the illusion that the background itself is changing, although it’s just presenting other parts of its face.

I especially liked the way this cat blinks. Reminds me of the still motion animated cartoons I used to watch as a kid. However, it might scare you off if you wake up in the middle of the night and happen to look at this giant blinking cat in your room!

Here is how the illusion works. You can customize it to carry many more illusioned backgrounds.