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Watch What Happens When You Throw A Bowling Bowl At A Trampoline From The Top Of A Dam

bowling ball dropped on trampoline from the top pf a dam

The trio from the YouTube channel How Ridiculous, who describe themselves as “Australian filming ripper vids for you to watch for free here on YouTube.” They produce videos which bring the viewers the most entertaining clips for their viewers. In their latest video, they showed a bowling ball falling on a trampoline in a 165m deep dam. They decided to throw the bowling ball onto a trampoline off of a dam to see what will happen. This idea came after their first video in which they threw a bowling ball off of a 45m height.

The description of the video stated, “After you guys smashed our 200K likes challenge on our Bowling Ball Vs. Trampoline 45m video, we take our experiment to new heights at Luzzone Dam, Ticino, Switzerland. A huge thank you to Ticino Tourism for helping to make this happen! We had an epic time visiting this incredible part of the world and filmed heaps of new videos that are coming soon. Do yourself a favor and go experience Ticino for yourself, it’s amazing!”

Watch the video to find how what will happen to the bowling ball once it falls on the trampoline from a large height.

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