This Is What Happens When A Giant 28 Kg Heavy Ice Block Is Dropped On A Trampoline


This video is perhaps the coolest one on the YouTube channel, How Ridiculous. This is not as ridiculous as it seems if you look at it as a Physics lesson. The Australian guys of the channel decided to take a huge ice block and dropped it from 45-meters height. Not only the ice block but they also dropped a watermelon for another challenge.

Before dropping the items, they were debating on whether either of the items will break their trampoline or not. They weighed both the watermelon and the ice block. Watermelon was 10-kilograms and the ice block was 28-kilograms. First, they dropped the watermelon. They dropped four melons and each one broke apart.

When the ice block was dropped, it went very deep. The trio decided to dig out the sand under the trampoline to give the ice block more room to fall. The trampoline survived both the tests, however, it would still be better to invest in a new one.


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