Optical Illusion Zebra Crossings Appear On Indian Roads

optical illusion for drivers2

Indian motorists and their lax attitude towards traffic laws have caused many casualties especially when people are attempting to cross the roads on foot. Nobody pays attention to the weather-beaten zebra crossings anymore as there is nobody to enforce the laws on every nook and cranny of the huge country. To deal with this irresponsible attitude, 3D art has been painted on some inroads of Indian cities by innovative artists like Saumya Pandya Thakkar and Shakuntala Pandya of Ahmedabad.
optical illusion for drivers

What they have painted is a 3D rendering of zebra crossings that looks like an obstacle from a distance. So, when an overspeeding car comes around the corner, it has to reduce the speed or else crash into the illusionary barrier.


Similar techniques have been used by many 3D artists around the world and give drivers plenty of food for thought while behind the wheel. But, these aren’t long-lasting solutions at all since the route drivers who like to step on the gas are regulars on the road and eventually figure out the trick and zoom past it. Maybe an actual barrier could be installed in between to keep them guessing all the time!

Here are more pictures od 3D zebra crossings around the world:

optical illusion for drivers3 optical illusion for drivers4


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