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This One Pound Backpack Turns Into A Tent

(Source: New Atlas)

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will know that carrying large amounts of weights for long journies can be a pain. That is why adventure gear is always made as light as possible. If anybody can claim to make lightweight adventure packs, it is Kenny Flannery owing to his BivyPack.

The BivyPack was dreamt up by Kenny after more than a decade of non-stop travel and only weighs 1 lb. He successfully crowdfunded an earlier backpack-bivy tent combo in 2016 and has now made improvements to it by making it more compact and even lighter than the previous model.

(Source: New Atlas)

The new BivyPack meets the criteria for airline carry-on in the backpack form and has external pockets to put in a water bottle or a rain jacket, making the pack’s overall capacity of 40 L. The exterior of the pack is made for hex-grid ripstop nylon which he claims is highly waterproof and durable. This wraps around a carbon fibre frame.

The frame is shaped thoughtfully and creates a ventilation between the pack and your back to stop sweat from building up. The pack also comes with adjustable chest and hip straps in order to help spread the load on longer journies.

(Source: New Atlas)

When you need to make a stop and rest for some time. The carbon fibre frame slides out and expands the bivy as it goes out. It turns into tent poles on either side of where you will be resting your head and the mesh fabric uses breathable laminate film that can let vapour from sweat and breath escape but will stop the rain from coming in.

The BivyPack is designed in such a way that a rain jacket can be clipped onto the outside to provide extra protection. A foot vent provides airflow through the other end. The bivy measure 8.5 ft in length and 28 inches in width and is said to be suitable for people with a height of up to 6ft 6 in.

Flannery has taken to Kickstarter again to fund the upgraded version of the backpack and the pledges start from $299. The backpacks are expected to be shipped in June if everything goes as planned. You can watch the promotional video below: