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This Town In Argentina Was Submerged In Water For 25 Years. This Is How It Looks Now

What you’re looking at is an old tourist town located at the south of Buenos Aires and known as Villa Epecuen. This town has spent about a quarter of a century underwater – it was built back in the 1920s on the banks of a salt lake. It housed more than 5,000 residents and was a holiday destination to thousands of folks from the Argentinian capital.Modern Day Atlantis Spent 25 Years Under Water 2

Back in 1985 following a dam burst, this town was buried under 33ft of salt water (modern-day Atlantis perhaps). The residents waited for about two days for the water to move away but it didn’t and thus within two days, the town literally became a ghost town. Water started to recede in 2009 finally and the town that emerged looked like a movie scene of an apocalyptic world.

The evenly-spaced dead trees demarcate what used to be streets while you can see rusty bed frames protruding from the concrete rubble. There are sign posts that point to nowhere. You would be amazed to know that one adamant resident, despite everything, still remained in this place. Pablo Novak was the only resident who didn’t leave his hometown after it got swallowed by water in 1985. He resides in a stone hut that has a basic cooker and a fridge.

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