Microsoft Has Patented A Bizarre AI-Powered Backpack Filled With Sensors

Microsoft is venturing into the world of wearable technology with an innovative AI-powered backpack patent. The US Patent and Trademark Office recently approved this groundbreaking concept, which promises to take the capabilities of wearable tech to new heights.

First spotted by the MSPowerUser blog, this patent hints at a backpack capable of some remarkable functionalities. The wearable tech boasts the ability to detect user speech, akin to Apple’s Siri, and offer suggestions. Curiously, it can also record and store audio, raising questions about privacy and security.

Furthermore, the backpack is envisioned to have the capacity to identify objects in its surroundings, provide directions, access cloud services, and communicate with other smart devices. This futuristic backpack aims to be an artificially intelligent companion, akin to Dora the Explorer’s talking satchel.

The patent includes illustrative scenarios to showcase the backpack’s potential applications. One scenario depicts a skier receiving out-of-bounds directions from the backpack, while another shows a wearer in front of a poster for a $5 Beatles concert, with the backpack seemingly capable of facilitating ticket purchases through voice commands.

This isn’t the first attempt at creating a “smart” backpack. A previous Indiegogo campaign for an AI-enabled backpack called the “BaqPaq” failed to gain traction in 2020, despite sharing some similarities with Microsoft’s patent proposal.

Microsoft’s patent application suggests a growing consumer market for wearable, AI-powered “digital assistants.” It acknowledges that digital assistants are evolving to become more versatile due to advancements in computing technology.

In essence, consumers are seeking greater functionality from their smart products, and Microsoft, with its substantial investments in AI technology, might be well-positioned to introduce a revolutionary smart backpack. However, it’s essential to remember that many patented concepts never materialize into real products.

While the future of this invention remains uncertain, it underscores the growing demand for versatile digital assistants in consumer technology. As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for innovative wearables like this backpack are seemingly limitless.

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