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This New Water Wheel Pump Does Not Require Any Electricity To Pump Water

Water Wheel Pump That Requires No Electricity

A lot of us live close to a running creek, however, are unable to make use of the water owing to a number of factors. Check out this amazing water wheel pump that is capable of utilizing the energy of that very flowing water body for the pumping of water. It was first created back in 1746 and has been recreated now and also been tested at Windfarm Museum by making use of lightweight and inexpensive modern materials.

According to calculations, a 6-ft diameter wheel that features 160ft of 1-1/4inch inside diameter flexible polyethylene pipe is capable of pumping up to 3,900 gallons of water every day to a 40ft head with a speed of 3 feet per second. It has a low torque requirements and therefore, it can be mounted on and driven by a simple paddle wheel in a current of 2ft/sec or greater speed. The pump doesn’t require any fuel or electricity to work and therefore is eco-friendly. The pipe is basically coiled in a vertical plane and is then mounted onto a horizontal axle. Once the bottom quarter of the coil is immersed in water and the whole coil begins rotation, an altering sequence of air and water begins moving along the pipe towards the center point of the coil and thus pump’s output pressure begins to increase. Adding a reticulation pipe to the end of the last inner coil, the water can be shifted to higher point.

Check out the video below to see this contraption in action!

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