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Elon Musk Envisions A Hyperloop On Mars As Well

Elon Musk Envisions A Hyperloop On Mars As Well

CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk has never been shy when it comes to his desire of getting humans to Mars and has been boldly vocal. He even suggested that we should drop nuclear bombs on Mars in order to make it inhabitable and fears that World War III might break out before his dream of Mars is materialized.

During the award ceremony for his Hyperloop Design Competition, he talked about how transportation could potentially work on Mars. He even envisions a Hyperloop on Mars and said, “On Mars you basically just need a track. You might be able to just have a road, honestly. [It would] go pretty fast.”

Why? Because the air density of Mars is 1% of that of Earth. This simply translates into Mars offering a very low, almost negligible, air resistance to slow down any moving object. He further added that any sort of transportation on Mars will have to be electric. He said, “It would obviously have to be electric because there’s no oxygen. You have to have really fast electric cars or trains or things.”

You can check out the detailed talk below.