This New Irrigation Pump Doesn’t Need Fuel Or Electricity To Pump Water

Barsha Pump – Works Without Fuel3

How many of you are aware of Climate-KIC? It is a climate innovation initiative by the European Union and in the recent past, a jury of entrepreneurs, business folks and financiers was formed to fund projects that qualified as Europe’s best clean-technology innovations of 2014. The winner was an invention named Barsha irrigation pump. It is owned by a Dutch startup aQysta, which is a spin off company from Delft University of Technology.
Barsha Pump – Works Without Fuel
Barsha Pump – Works Without Fuel2

Barsha irrigation pump is capable of enhancing crop yields in the developing nations by about 5 times. The good news is that this system requires neither electricity nor fuel for its operation. The name, ‘Barsha,’ comes from Nepalese meaning ‘rain pump’. Although the gadget is a new invention, the design that it makes use of is quite old and had originated back in ancient Egypt.

The pump is a water wheel affixed onto a floating platform. It is moored into a flowing river nearby and the movement of water causes the wheel to rotate.  Air is compressed through a special mechanism generated by the wheel. The compressed air then works by driving water through the attached hose up to the required destination, which is the  field.Barsha Pump – Works Without Fuel3

The company claims that the pump can provide water up to a height of 82 feet with a maximum rate of 1 liter/second. Barsha pump has no operational costs. It requires only one moving part that can be built from any material available locally and shall provide the return on investment in a year. Since no fuel is required, the emission rate is zero as well.Barsha Pump – Works Without Fuel4

The first Barsha pump was installed in Nepal back in July 2014, and a business is already under implementation to manufacture and market the pumps over there. Similar developments are planned for Latin America, Asia and Africa.



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