This New Solar-Powered Car By Fisker Can Get 1500 Miles Of Free Energy Every Year

Fisker, the innovative electric vehicle (EV) maker, is making waves in the automotive industry with its unique Ocean SUV, which can be powered by the sun. The company, founded in Manhattan Beach, California in 2016, has gained attention for its cutting-edge approach to EV design and sustainability.

One of the standout features of Fisker’s Ocean SUV is the solar panels integrated into the roof of the vehicle. These panels help charge the car’s batteries and can add up to 1,500 miles of total driving range per year, and possibly more under ideal conditions. This innovative technology not only extends the vehicle’s range, but also reduces the reliance on external charging infrastructure, making it even more convenient for drivers.

In addition to the solar panels, Fisker is committed to using recycled materials throughout the design of the Ocean SUV. For example, the car’s carpet and fabric are made from recycled plastic bottles, showcasing the company’s dedication to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact.

The Ocean SUV is also making headlines for its anticipated market debut in the United States and Europe. Fisker’s CEO, Henrik Fisker, stated that the ability to initially sell the Ocean in these markets is “unprecedented” and a strategic move to de-risk the launch. The company has been meeting its production goals, which means that the Ocean could soon be hitting the streets in cities around the world.

The EV market is also showing signs of significant growth, with data from late last year indicating that the majority of EV-owning households are considering purchasing a second EV. Fisker’s Ocean SUV is well-positioned to capture this growing market demand with its unique features, competitive pricing, and sustainability focus.

Speaking of pricing, Fisker has positioned the Ocean SUV at a starting price of $37,499, making it an attractive option for environmentally-conscious consumers. The company also has plans to introduce a smaller SUV model called the PEAR in 2024, with a forecasted starting price of $29,900, further expanding its product lineup and accessibility to a wider range of consumers.

Aside from its solar-powered capabilities, the Ocean SUV boasts an impressive range of 350 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds, making it a high-performance vehicle in addition to its sustainability features. It also has the unique ability to power a home for seven days during an emergency or run appliances and electronics, showcasing its versatility beyond just transportation.

In conclusion, Fisker’s Ocean SUV is garnering attention as an unprecedented vehicle in the EV market. Its solar-powered capabilities, use of recycled materials, and competitive pricing make it a standout option for environmentally-conscious consumers. With its anticipated market debut and strong production goals, Fisker is poised to make a significant impact in the automotive industry and pave the way for more sustainable transportation options in the future.

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