BYD Has Revealed A Dancing Electric Sports Car With A New Body Control System

Chinese automaker BYD has unveiled its latest electric sportscar, the U9 EV, under its luxury sub-brand Yangwang, featuring its new intelligent body control system called DiSus. The DiSus system is touted as “the most advanced system of the industry globally” and enables the EV to perform a range of impressive maneuvers, including dancing, driving on three wheels, and leaping from a standstill.

The DiSus system is similar to active suspension systems used by luxury automakers such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. It helps to reduce body roll, counter tricky situations during off-roading, decrease aerodynamic drag, and boost efficiency. The system is divided into three levels: DiSus-C, DiSus-A, and DiSus-P.

DiSus-C is an intelligent damping body control system that adjusts the damping of the EV by controlling the damper solenoid valve, significantly improving driving comfort compared to passive suspension systems. DiSus-A is similar to traditional air suspension, offering multiple height adjustment modes for different driving scenarios. DiSus-P, on the other hand, is the most advanced system that controls the oil intake of the damper, damping adjustment valve, and stiffness adjustment valve, providing dynamic adjustment of body control. It offers adjustable suspension up to 200 mm and can lift each wheel independently or all four simultaneously.

According to BYD, the DiSus system helps eliminate the risk of vehicle rollover and reduces occupants’ displacement during high-speed cornering, acceleration, or braking. It also protects the vehicle from scratches and damage under various road conditions, including snow, mud, and water.

The introduction of the DiSus system highlights BYD’s commitment to electrification and intelligence in its EV offerings. As vehicles move from mechanical control to electrical signal control with the transition to all-electric platforms, precision and efficiency are dramatically increased. BYD plans to roll out the DiSus system in its upcoming vehicles, with DiSus-P debuting in the Yangwang U8 SUV and DiSus-A in the Denza N7. DiSus-C will also be made available to existing BYD Han and Tang owners through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

BYD’s unveiling of the U9 EV with its DiSus intelligent body control system showcases the brand’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology in the electric vehicle space. The system’s ability to enable impressive maneuvers and enhance driving performance further underscores the rapid advancement of EV technology and the increasing competitiveness of Chinese automakers in the global market.

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