A Tesla Cybertruck Was Spotted In The Wild – And It Is Getting Supremely Roasted

The public criticized a Tesla Cybertruck that was seen on the streets of California, calling it a “hot pile of rusted garbage.”

An image of the vehicle showed it parked in a Fremont parking lot, with different wheels, front chassis, and cords on top than the one unveiled by Elon Musk in 2019.

The futuristic truck, which is expected to start at $39,900, has been seen several times but has not yet been delivered to the 1.5 million people who reserved it with a $100 deposit. Although the delivery was promised by late 2022, production is now set to begin this summer.

During the 2019 reveal, Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen threw a heavy metal ball at close range to prove the glass was shatterproof, but it ended up smashing.

Despite the hiccup, people continued to reserve the truck, and those without a reservation will have to wait at least three years from when the first Cybertruck is delivered.

‘The only way this could work out for Musk is if he announces ‘Just Kidding!’ and releases a reasonable-looking truck that’s been developed in secret all along. Otherwise, this will be a massive flop. It looks like crap,’ Twitter user Hilson Valli tweeted.

Some compared it to ‘something that got rejected for a role in Mad Max: Fury Road’ or the Megaweapon from the 1983 film ‘Warrior of the Lost World.’

‘Yikes, I’ll admit most of the promo shots made it look pretty bad*** but this side profile is ugly af. The stainless steel is gonna be a mess of scratches and finger smudges,’ one user tweeted.

During Tesla’s first Investor Day on March 1, the latest update about the Cybertruck was revealed. Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s lead designer, announced that the futuristic vehicle is scheduled for release this year. However, no further details about the Cybertruck were provided during the event.

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