This New Megayacht Concept Has A Giant Domed Observatory – Like A Black Hole

Megayachts are one of the finest forms of engineering. Their design is unique and they bring the opportunity to exhibit some pretty one-of-a-kind features as well. A new megayacht concept has been revealed and it is a marvel!

The 360-foot concept is called Zion and is made by India’s Bhushan Powar Design, as mentioned in an article by Robb Report published on Wednesday. Bhushan Powar Design was established in 2019 and it claims to be India’s first luxury yacht design studio “working with the ambitious goal of bridging the gap between the world and extending our hand of friendship in the yachting industry.”

A novel megayacht boasts a giant domed observatory, much like a black hole  | Flipboard

Zion has drawn its inspiration from a black hole. It has a giant domed observatory that is surprisingly an emulation of the phenomenon. It is massively large and circular and has a big black dot right in its middle. It provide3s guests with staggering 360-degree views.

“Our concept Zion attracts eyes with its modern elegance and surprises the owner with the mysteries of the deep,” founder and creative director Bhushan Powar told Robb Report via email.

Inspired by a black hole this 360 feet megayacht concept has a mammoth  spherical observatory offering 360-degree views. The luxurious vessel has an  open garden an infinity swimming pool and an expandable

The megayacht has several exciting amenities like a glass elevator, a 40-foot helipad for use by a helicopter, a large, open-plan alfresco dining area that flows onto a glass-bottom infinity pool, an expandable beach club with a gym and an open garden, and a large garage where the ship’s many water toys can be stored. 

Zion has 10 spacious staterooms that can house 20 people along with cabins for 20 crew. The owner’s suite is separate and comprises luxurious features like fold-out balconies.

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