This Is The World’s Most Remote Post Office – And It Is In The Middle Of Absolutely Nowhere

Did we just discover the loneliest planet in the middle of a deserted galaxy? Not likely, but the next best thing of a similar nature has been found on Earth. The most isolated remote office has just been found by some dynamic individuals after it went viral on the internet last year. Located in the Tengger desert of Inner Mongolia, this wooden post office of fifteen square meters is the only sign of human activity in these spacious sand dunes. Despite its remoteness, over 20,000 letters were sent from this post office in the month of December 2021 alone, all thanks to the efforts of one Ms. Zhang. Nobody knew about it before, and even now due to the deficiency of communication facilities in the desert, but the recent popularity has benefited people in uncovering the coordinates of this place, i.e., 38.413 degrees North and 105.225 degrees East, which helped in expediting the movement of visitors in the desert.

The entire area covered by this desert is about 43,000 square meters and this little post office was there, for about 35 long years and no one even got a clue about this. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, it is becoming a new and enigmatic spot for visitors. Ms. Zhang played an important role in the revival of this abandoned office, as she really went the extra mile to retain and conserve this exceptional place.

The story starts when Ms. Zhang and her friend, Luo Zhang, could no longer put up with the neglect of this out-of-the-ordinary place. So, they decided on a strategy to start ghost-writing for people who want to send letters to their near and dear ones. In this way, it becomes feasible for them to just place an order request for the letter online and, from there, Ms. Zhang and her friend would be responsible for writing and then dispatching the letters to any desired location within China, Singapore, and Australia. It was that time when this idea hit the nail on the head and this loneliest remote office in the world became recognized by people from all over the world.

The letters, as well as the postcards, are being written and dispatched to the nearby road, which is at a distance of 10 km from this post office. The letters would then be collected by the post truck with a distinctive desert-themed stamp on every letter, which has become a historic identity of this post office without a doubt.

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