This Beekeeper Has Made An ‘Air Bee And Bee’ That Allows You To Fall Asleep To The Buzzing Of Bees

Can you really sleep with the sound of your buzzing neighbors? Definitely not. But this beekeeper from Southern Italy has assembled an erected “bee box” on the roof of a room to celebrate “World Bee Day” on May 20th. This may sound crazy at first, but what really makes it noteworthy is the inclusion of around 1 million bees in it and their buzzing sound. It should be noted that bees vibrate their wings about 11,400 times in one minute. Crazy, isn’t it? But this beating of their wings will let you sleep peacefully from a “soothing effect”. Yes, this man has created this unique hive just to give visitors an aura of peaceful sleep.

According to him, the buzzing sound of this large number of bees has a soothing effect which helps people get a sound sleep. He has set up this furnished arrangement with the help of locals, costing him around $17,000. Moreover, fir and birchwood are the materials used in its construction. This Italian beekeeper, Rocco Filomeno, said, “This is the first place in the world where you can sleep immersed in the distinctive sound and aroma of the bees, experiencing ‘bee-therapy’ in the most authentic and natural way.”

At first, the visitors would be given a sort of briefing by Rocco Filmeno in which they would be instructed on how to live with bees and how to sleep by continuously gazing at them. As the box is attached to the roof, the visitors can easily take a glimpse of the bees in a box by lying on a bed. Located in the Olive Garden in rural Italy, this little bee apartment is all that you need after a hectic day. It doesn’t have any bathrooms or kitchen; there’s just one room with a bunch of bees as your sleeping partners.

Not only this, the visitors would be provided with a variety of foods, including the breakfast of ricotta, honey from these bees, strawberries, and homemade biscuits. This is definitely going to be a worthwhile experience in a very distant village, apart from the city’s busy life and, of course, in a surreal environment.

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