This New Luxury Submarine Will Allow You To Party Underwater – 650ft Below The Surface

A new model of a submarine named “UWEP” ( Underwater Entertainment Platform) has recently been developed by a U-Boat Worx company that excels in making private and luxurious submarines, especially for business class passengers to provide them with a premium experience. It can accommodate a total of 120 passengers and has the potential to dive up to 650 feet into the depths of the sea. Affluent people hire it for a specific amount of time to celebrate any memorable occasion or just for a relaxing cruise. On the other hand, a 1.2-megawatt battery is also used in this submarine to keep it running smoothly and has the potential to reach a top speed of almost 3 MPH deep down in the sea. Moreover, this submarine has a battery that can withstand for about 18 hours and also has a power backup system that can operate for about 96 hours in any unforeseen situation before the rescue services arrive. This power backup system is actually a benefit for the occupants in the event of an emergency.

This “Underwater Entertainment Platform” is 115 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 23 feet tall. For entertainment, a floor space of a considerable length of about 1600 square meters is used on which the passengers can easily enjoy and have fun. The most interesting feature of this submarine is its windows because they will give its passengers an amazing view of the vertical drop and the intensity of the sea. It consists of 14 windows in total, which are about 15 feet in diameter. These parameters clearly depict the in-depth details of this magnanimous submarine and, in the words of the U Boat Worx’s founder, “The UWEP will shake up both the hospitality industry and lead the way in bespoke underwater events.” We will not only present a stellar experience for the most discerning clientele but also a business opportunity that will benefit entrepreneurs and contribute to our understanding of the oceans.”

What’s more, this regal submarine consists of an aquatic casino, a wedding hall, and a restaurant-like seating area where people can actually sit and enjoy the mesmerizing view with a glass of their chosen drink. Furthermore, there is a top deck on which the passengers can stand and take a breath of fresh air and watch the sunset or sunrise when the submarine is not underwater. Similarly, if we talk about the price of this amazing experience, it hasn’t been disclosed yet, but it would be worth millions of dollars and can be affordable to the affluent class without question.

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