This New Jacket By Nike Has Vents That Can Automatically Open When You Sweat

Nike has introduced a groundbreaking solution for runners who struggle with overheating during their workouts. The all-new Aerogami running jacket addresses the common inconvenience of having to manually open vents to cool down while running.

Instead, this innovative jacket utilizes an intuitive and seamless form of venting that automatically adjusts based on the runner’s sweat, eliminating the need for battery packs, electronics, or manual adjustments.

In the past, there was a concept for a robotic jacket developed in Silicon Valley that incorporated battery-powered reactive venting. However, it didn’t gain much traction due to its uncanny resemblance to a horror movie creature.

The reliance on batteries and electronics in clothing also felt burdensome, and the addition of AI technology added a sci-fi/horror element. Unsurprisingly, many runners preferred simply unzipping underarm vents rather than wearing such a peculiar garment.

In contrast, Nike’s auto-venting concept offers a more practical and wearable solution. The Aerogami Jacket features vents running across the chest and back, which employ a moisture-reactive film.

This film expands or contracts in response to perspiration, automatically opening the vents when the runner starts sweating. This mechanism allows cooling airflow to circulate, providing much-needed relief. Once the runner cools down and their sweat dries, the vents naturally close, maintaining insulation.

While the Aerogami jacket promises enhanced comfort for runners during cool-weather outings, there is a potential concern about the open vents causing chilly conditions if worn outdoors after a run.

In such situations, where the runner remains sweaty but not actively running, the combination of a damp shirt and wide-open vents could lead to discomfort. However, if the runner quickly retreats indoors after completing their run, this issue becomes negligible.

Apart from its revolutionary venting system, the Aerogami jacket incorporates Nike’s Storm-FIT ADV weatherproof fabric. This specialized material is strategically designed to optimize comfort by regulating temperature, providing warmth, cooling, and protection in specific areas of the body.

Nike has also taken into account the differences between male and female runners, developing gender-specific versions of the jacket. In the women’s version, the vents are arranged around the sports bra area to accommodate their unique needs.

Nike plans to release the women’s Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket in July via and select retailers. The men’s version will follow in the fall of 2023. As of now, the pricing for these cutting-edge jackets has not been announced, but they are expected to garner significant attention and interest from the running community.

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