This New And Feature Packed Travel Jacket Has Got The Whole Internet Drooling

Baubax travel jacket4

As many of you already know, the travel jacket under discussion here has created a massive hype and is currently the talk of the town, so we thought it necessary to cover it. It is amazing how the Kickstarter campaigns for products can create an extraordinary response for the inventors and become a smashing hit. It also encourages other businesses to follow suit and start their own funding campaigns.

Baubax travel jacket

It was launched in 3 weeks ago with a modest target of 20,000 dollars to start manufacturing. But due to the sheer quality of their swiss-knife of jackets, they have attracted a whopping 3 million dollar worth of crowdfunding. It is now officially the top Kickstarter campaign of any clothing line, and it has smashed the previous record by some margin!

Baubax travel jacket2 Baubax travel jacket3

In addition to keeping warm, the BauBax travel jacket has fifteen nifty features that we all have dreamed of in a single piece of clothing. Now, the dream has turned into reality! The best feature I liked about the jacket is the hood. It has an eye mask, neck pillow and earphone holders embedded in its design. I have felt the need of these features when I was traveling or camping, and my neck had to sustain the pressure. The eye mask is a subtle yet crucial addition that will allow you to sleep easily in your outdoor overtures. The earphone holders will give you unobstructed access to your music, and the different gadget pockets will allow you to pack them directly into your jacket!

It was created by students of Kellogg School of Management at the North Western University of Chicago. Hiral Sanghavi had to travel a lot with his wife and must have gotten irritated with all the sore necks and loss of sleep. His product is currently rocking the world, and I am going to put my money on the table for sure. After all, once it hits retail, the price will be around 315 dollars, but you can get it currently for 129 dollars bargain!

See the full promotional video here:

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