Nokia’s OZO Is A New Camera For Shooting Virtual Reality Videos

Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera OZO 2

Nokia has just taken the veils off of a camera designed for filmmakers and named as OZO. OZO is capable of capturing virtual reality videos. However, unlike the similar devices by GoPro and Samsung it isn’t just a flattened circle that features cameras but rather is a spherical ball-like gadget that comes with shutters all over it. It sports 8 shutter sensors in total that allow it to capture 360-degree videos and comes with 8 integrated microphones.Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera OZO 5 Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera OZO 4

It allows the user to see what they are shooting in real time by making use of a VR headset. It is also capable of churning out a low-resolution version of what it shot after only a few minutes to allow the filmmakers to see it again or to show it someone else. Why is this particular feature such a big deal? Because with other cameras, the videos captured have to be stitched together and it usually requires a lot of time before you are able to watch them.Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera OZO 3

Jaunt Inc. has already pledge for using and supporting OZO although they have a traditional VR camera of their own. Nokia has yet to disclose the complete specs and pricing of the device. What we know for now is that it has been slated for shipment for the fourth quarter of 2015.

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