This New AI-Powered Toilet-Cleaning Robot Will Take Over A Job Not A Lot Of People Want

In a world where AI’s creative prowess often takes center stage, an unexpected hero is emerging from the shadows—the autonomous toilet bot. This ingenious invention comes when the mundane chore of restroom cleaning receives a technological makeover, reminding us that the future of robotics is much more down-to-earth than we might have anticipated.

Let’s face it—while there’s a workforce dedicated to keeping toilets clean, very few people dream of ascending the career ladder to wield a toilet brush. Yet, if visiting any public restroom has taught us anything, it’s that spotless restrooms are a necessity. Recognizing this, a New York-based company named Somatic has dived headfirst into the world of automation, presenting a service that proposes a robot cleaner capable of living in a closet at your office building, tirelessly scrubbing away bathroom mess for 40 hours each week.

For a mere $1,000 per month, this trolley-like marvel of engineering offers an economical solution. Remarkably, this cost translates to roughly $5.68 per hour—a rate that comfortably sneaks in below the disheartening $7.25 federal minimum wage in the United States. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly mundane task. This little robotic wonder is no slouch. From deftly navigating doors and riding elevators to administering potent disinfectants and sprays, no corner goes untouched. It even lifts toilet lids to ensure thorough cleaning and then elegantly vacuums surface dry, storing its vacuum on its back as it moves along.

However, the journey to this level of autonomous proficiency requires some initial hands-on involvement. Somatic’s strategy involves sending out a compact sensor kit and mapping the building’s layout through video and 3D depth data before the robot’s arrival. The company then raises the ante by introducing a quirky twist. In this virtual reality-based simulation, an operator wears a VR headset and takes on the role of a digital janitor, cleaning toilets in a virtual realm. This novel approach streamlines the robot’s learning process, particularly given the standardized nature of office restrooms.

While the robot might be capable of autonomous operations, it doesn’t intend to replace human janitors entirely. Its role revolves around routine sanitation, stepping aside when it stumbles upon something unexpected—something that might have been an everyday occurrence in your high school days. In such instances, the robot takes a snapshot and emails it to its human counterparts before moving on to its next assignment. Expect some eye-catching notifications, potentially best enjoyed with your phone on silent during lunch.

This service has already launched commercial gear, offering a glimpse into a future where robots manage menial tasks, letting humans focus on more creative and complex endeavors. The exact count of these bathroom champions might remain shrouded in secrecy, but their impact on redefining our interaction with technology is undeniable.

So here’s to these unsung heroes of hygiene—the toilet bots, tirelessly marching forward, proving that even the most unglamorous of duties won’t escape the touch of innovation. While we might hesitate to share an elevator ride with them, there’s no doubt that they’re propelling us into an intriguing future where robots and humans navigate the complexities of the modern world together.

Source: Somatic

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