This New Robotic Dog From China Can Perform Ballet Steps And Even Moonwalk

On August 14, 2023, Xiaomi, the renowned smart manufacturing company, unveiled various new products ranging from smartphones to ecosystem innovations. One of the highlights was the introduction of the CyberDog 2, a remarkable bio-inspired quadruped robot with heightened intelligence and lifelike features.

Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 has taken the world of robotics by storm, ushering in a new era of intelligent and agile machines. Central to its advancements is incorporating Xiaomi’s proprietary CyberGear Micro-actuator, which significantly enhances its mobility, empowering it to perform intricate maneuvers like continuous backflips and fall recovery. This actuator system bestows precise control and ensures the robot remains unscathed even under continuous touch.

The heart of CyberDog 2’s capabilities lies in its fusion sensing and decision-making system, which incorporates a staggering 19 sensors for vision, touch, and hearing. To realize such remarkable lifelike attributes, Xiaomi meticulously integrated bionic concepts into every design aspect. Taking inspiration from a Doberman’s head anatomy, the biomimetic design was meticulously tailored, complemented by refined leg proportions and an optimized body shape. The introduction of 12 in-built Xiaomi micro-motors and advanced motion control algorithms propels the robot’s abilities to new heights. These improvements are underscored by a 50% torque accuracy enhancement per motor, with peak torque density reaching an impressive 37.85 N.m/kg.

But CyberDog 2 isn’t just about precision; it’s about expression. With responses ranging from ballet steps to cheeky wiggles and even spacewalking, the robot’s interactions set the bar high for future robotic companions. This high-precision repertoire is perfected through Xiaomi’s AI Reinforcement Learning Platform, involving over 30,000 AI-simulated dog training repetitions for each action, bringing them closer to realism.

Beyond these captivating tricks, CyberDog 2 boasts an intricate intelligence network of sensors and processors, translating intelligence into innate canine instincts. The foundation of this capability is the AI Multimodal Fusion Perception Decision System, amalgamating 21 TOPS computational power, a high-performance NX chip, dual co-processors (capable of 2.1 million trillion calculations per second), and up to 19 sensors that deliver multidimensional perception, recognizing not only its owners but also navigating its surroundings.

Senses of hearing, sight, and touch are impeccably honed. With an array of microphones and the Xiaomi AI voice algorithm, CyberDog 2 instantly comprehends its owner’s words. Its visual acuity stems from four distinct cameras: Intel RealSense D430 for depth perception, a 13MP for AI interaction, 1MP for RGB color capture, and FOV 146° for fisheye visualization. Touch sensitivity peaks through an integrated TG30 laser sensor and ToF ultrasonic sensor.

Interaction with the robotic companion is established through Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi, enabling owners to relay commands through a UWB Bluetooth remote control, mobile app, or speech. CyberDog 2’s open-source nature paves the way for collaborative creation, from coding to structural drawings.

This ethos aligns with Xiaomi’s vision of nurturing an open-source ecosystem that draws developers globally, fostering the continuous evolution of bio-inspired robots to enhance human lives.

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  1. pfon71361 Reply

    I attempted to buy the Cyberdog 2 at Xiaomi three days ago but had no luck. I emailed their US office and they responded that it was not available to US customers currently and that they would advise me if the situation changes. Meanwhile, I see that AliExpress has it for sale for, gulp, USD$9,999.00 plus USD$568.00 shipping. Sigh.

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