This Made-At-Home 3D Printed Railgun Is An Engineering Beauty With Handsome Firepower

3 D printed railgun

So, it seems ever since people have realized just how awesome railguns are, they are trying different designs to make at home. Since it requires a bit of skullduggery and recklessness to complete such a dangerous project, DIY engineer enthusiasts are at the forefront of it. This Redditor mockingly named NSA_Listbot takes his projects serious enough and he has to show the rest of the world how he made them. He recently published a long post at Imgur regarding his railgun experiment, and he tells us in detail about this magnificent 3-D portable railgun. It is probably the first one ever produced using additive manufacturing like 3-D printing.

A railgun is a device that accelerates metallic projectiles through strong electromagnetic waves. But, doing so requires powerful capacitors and understanding of the phenomenon, or it can result in a disaster. The US Navy had been developing a railgun to fire high-speed projectiles approaching 10 Mach or even more. This project from the crazy engineer is essentially the same thing, but on a much smaller scale and no explosives involved. There are an astonishing twenty pounds of capacitors used in the making of this railgun. They can create a strong electromagnetic field to fire Aluminium rounds like this:

Check out the two videos below

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