Tired Of Scraping Ice From Your Car’s Windscreen? This Trick Will Solve Your Problem In Seconds

Remove ice from windscreen

We all have known this struggle for far too long, wondering if there was some easier way to tackle this issue that winter brings every time; windshield getting covered with a thick layer of ice. Now that’s a real problem if you’re already running late and let’s be honest who doesn’t like spending a few extra minutes in that warm bed? The choices that you have are limited to scraping the ice off, just enough to be able to get a view from driver’s side and then hoping to make it to work safely. Well, now, you can try doing this!

Amazing, right? Almost like magic!

Yes, that is what being an engineer feels like; living every day like a boss!



  1. Lucas Reply

    So basically de-icer then? Much easier to find than pure alcohol in the shops

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