This Is Where You Should Place Your Router At Home

Where you place your router is just as important as choosing your internet service provider.

Normally the technician that places your modem does not optimize the location of the modem and simply connects it to the nearest possible location to the place where the line comes to your house. This is usually some corner of the house, far removed from the rest of the home.


To ensure that you get the best coverage, here are some pointers for positioning your router optimally:

Place the router in a central position, rather than in a corner. If you place it in a corner, against a wall, for example, a major portion of your wireless coverage is being sent out of your home since a router sends signals in all directions.

Note: Installing a router at a distance from a modem may require additional steps like running a CAT5 cable under the floor.

Place the router on a raised platform or someplace higher up as they spread signal downward.

Place the router where there is minimal noise from other electronics. Try, particularly not to place the router near a microwave oven as it emits a strong signal in the 2.4GHz band which is the same wireless band your router operates in and hence has a high chance of interfering with your wifi signals.

If your router has two antennas, place them perpendicular to each other. If it has more than two, try to position the antennas in a wide range of angles.
Watch this video for more ideas on optimizing your router location.

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