World’s First Automated Indoor Farm Being Constructed In The US


“80 Acres Farms” company plans to build a fully automated indoor farm in Hamilton, Ohio by the end of this year. The farm will supply its produce to multiple distributors and retailers.

The farm will employ artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors, and various other feedback mechanisms to monitor and optimize conditions 24/7. Energy efficient LED lights and temperature controls will be used to maintain the best indoor climate and grow produce without interruption all year round. Water will be recycled using a closed loop hydroponic delivery system. Efficiency will be the prime goal in order to grow produce of optimal quality.

The farm will be built in three phases and will consist of 150,000 square feet of controlled environmental agriculture.

80 Acres Farms Operation manager
Photo: Rebecca Haders
80 Acres Farms is an ambitious project relying on vertical farming and efficient farming techniques to generate a lot of produce in a limited space all year round and could make farming much more productive.

80 Acres Farms Vine Room Photo: Lena Ibrahim


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