These Images Show How Japan Is Living In The Future Already – Part 2

Japanese have developed and embraced technology like no one else in the world. From robotics to vending machines to bullet trains, they have traveled a hundred years ahead than others in the future. Anyone who has visited Japan for once can agree to their different way of living.

Here are some reasons which prove that Japan is already living in the future.

Shoe-shaped Trains

If you love super fast bullet trains and footwear design, you will love living in Japan. Their trains are all shoe-shaped in design, or maybe it’s the other way around.

Sci-Fi Toilet

Japanese toilets are famous for their abundance of lights and features. There are features like heating the seat, checking blood pressure, weight, urine, and just cleaning the toilet completely spotless. They don’t follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule.

Food Customized To Order

If you are bored of the everyday food that nature creates, you can get your food customized to order. If you want a Hello Kitty on your food or a Bulbasaur Pokemon, you can quickly get it done in Japan.

Vending Machines

There is nothing more Japanese love, more than the vending machines. You can buy anything and everything from there. Many restaurants compete with some vending machines for quick takeaways, and the food quality is also up to the mark.

Case and Point

This umbrella vending machine is good looking and very convenient as well. Clearly shows how they are deploying vending machines everywhere to sell anything to the humans.

Lock Your Umbrella

Just like a bike lock, umbrella lock is also a thing in Japan. We are unsure if there is a limited supply of umbrellas in that country for which reason they lock their possession or what?

Miniaturized Fast Foods

In the future, everything will shrink and become as small as possible. The fast food restaurants in Japan are not as they used to be in the past.

Hotels Have Pods Not Rooms

When the population will grow, and space will become a prominent issue, the only solution will be to pack as many people in one place as possible. This is what has already been done by Japan in their capsule hotels. This guest house provides everything that a person might need except for the view and luxurious space.

Hotels Run By Robots

Japanese love their hotels and their robots. There are places where a combination of these two can be found.

Smart and Secure Bra

The future bras will be safe and secure for the women. They will know how the women are feeling and will open only when the woman likes the opener.

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