This Is What The Apple Car Could Potentially Look Like


Vanarama is a car-lease broker based in the U.K. and it has made an illustrative rendering of the upcoming Apple Car. They are based on real Apple patents, a report from Digital Trends reveals.

It has been rumored for quite a long while that Apple will soon be launching its car. however, the rumors seemed to be turning into reality when it was reported that the company might soon be bringing an Apple electric vehicle (EV) by 2024. At the beginning of this year, the announcement of a partnership between EV automaker Fisker and iPhone manufacturer Foxconn led people to believe that the car will be coming soon.

Vanarama has no connection with Apple and its illustrations are just for attention in the market. They have no link to the real designs of the Apple car. the only thing that makes these renders more reliable is that they are based on the real patents of the car. However, patents do not entirely describe how the finished product will look like.

Surprise! The Apple Car Might Actually Look Like This

The pictures resemble the Tesla Cybertruck with its retro-futuristic sensibility. It also seems to take inspiration from Hyundai’s solar panel-roofed Ioniq 5 EV, which provides a modern twist on the company’s first production car, the 1974 Hyundai Pony.

The coach-style lack of a central pillar between the front and rear doors is the exact feature taken out from the 2019 Apple patent. However, this design appears to be dangerous as it decreases structural strength and reduces crash protection. Apple had explained in the patent that it will add a diagonal support section in the car to compensate for the reduced structural strength.

Surprise! The Apple Car Might Actually Look Like This

The renders of the car comprise a large screen spanning the entire dashboard with Siri integration. The earliest reports of Apple’s EV project, called Project Titan, date back to 2014. It will be directly connected to the phones of the users as well. In 2019, however, Apple let go of 200 staff working on Project Titan, and it is believed that that the focus may now have changed.

All of these pieces of information are intriguing but are based on mere speculations. It is yet to be revealed by Apple what the car will actually look like.


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