Some Tesla Cars Are Being Manufactured With Just Empty Holes In Place Of USB Ports

Tesla is known for its electric vehicles and has a proven record of producing desirable vehicles and, combining outstanding performance with high-tech interior vehicles. But the recent news that has surfaced is rather unanticipated to note, as Tesla’s Model 3s and Model Ys do not contain a USB port, as per the reports from some customers. Electrek first raised this issue, and now many customers are doing the same.

Electrek recently published a report which mentions that some Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys are missing USB-C ports. The report also noted that this was not an issue until November 11 and was only seen in the cars shipped after that date. The company is attributing this to the global chip shortage. Though it is yet to be known how widespread the problem is, the owners have started receiving complaints from their customers directly and through social media.

Some new Teslas delivered with missing USB ports: Report | Deccan Herald

On the back wall of the center console, cars miss USB ports, and according to some reports, the rear-seat USB port is MIA. Without a center console USB, it is not possible for wireless charging to work. One thing that also needs to be clarified is that these cars only lack a few USB ports, not all of them. In other words, they just don’t have all of them.

Though some of the car owners were told by the company regarding the issue, some are angry at the fact that the company did not inform them in due time. Reddit is the popular way of voicing their concerns about the affected owners. Users who contacted Tesla said that the posts will be available by December, and they will be catered to by installing the ports in their vehicles by then. This, also, makes it difficult to confirm that by December, they will be able to do so as the chip shortage is there to stay in the coming months, and not just the auto sector, but every other technology industry has been affected. As far as the lack of parts is concerned, some of the newer models of BMW do not have touch screens, and General Motors also had to drop wireless charging and ditch its fuel management module in some of its newer vehicles.

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