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This Is What Happens When You Drop Red Hot Nickel On An Indestructible Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 destroyed6

Nokia 3310 was the ultimate sledgehammer phone that enriched our lives more 15 years ago. Such was the robust make of this legendary phone that it has become the most storied phone of all times, and it graces our satirical memes frequently. Just for fun, I have compiled a list of these before starting with the main experiment.

See? You can see very well that it had been granted the status of an indestructible phone by the users and media alike. No one could break the mighty 3310, but even the fiercest of warriors fall. This Youtuber who had gained widespread fame by exposing different stuff to red-hot Nickel. His latest victim was the old guard Nokia 3310. Here is what happened to the phone:

So our phone didn’t go easily. It took three attempts of Hot Nickel to wipe it off completely. This is what became of it:

So our beloved phone has now finally been set to rest. RIP!

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