Nokia To Release New 3310 Which Will Be 4G Ready

nokia 3310

Nokia has decided to bring in another version of its favourite flagship 3310 in the market soon. The company will be releasing another 3310 model which will connect to superfast 4G LTE speeds. Initially, in the early February, the 4G enabled 3310 will be available in China. However, seeing the success of prior 3310 versions indicates the possibility that these handsets will be rolled out soon as well.

Nokia’s official website doesn’t show the price of the device, however, if the 3G version was priced at $66, 4G would be a little more than that. Further details of the mobile will be shared at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February 2018. The 4G 3310 will come in muted blue or black colour and will also have some other updates apart from network update. The device can make HD voice calls, it comes with few ‘hot mobile apps’, it has an earphone jack and can also be used as a WiFi hotspot.

A standard 4G is almost 5 to 6 times faster than 3G. It offers speeds of up to 150mbps theoretically. HMD Global, the company who manufactures the phones has replaced the old 3310’s java based OS with YunOS which is an Android-based OS developed by Alibaba. The battery of 4G 3310 has a talk time of five hours on a single charge.

For quite some time, rumours were that Nokia has released the new 4G 3310. However, the news was confirmed when a leaked document from China showed off the device publically and confirmed that the new 4G 3310 is running on YunOS. Reports are that the new Nokia 3310 might have a stripped down version of Whatsapp and Facebook.

Nokia announced the reproduction of its favourite flagship in 2017. It released both 2G and 3G versions of the phone in Europe and the US. When the phone was launched for the first time in 2000, it was the greatest hit with the users. The relaunched version of the phone had a battery time of one month with 22 hours of talk-time and also have the famous game of snake. The 4G 3310 looks similar to its original predecessor, however, Nokia has made some changes in the design of the device. The traditional monochrome screen of 3310 was replaced with a colour screen and futuristic design. The phone has attracted a lot of attraction of the buyers since then.


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