5 Reasons Why Nokia 3310 Is Still The Boss Of Phones

In the age of Snapdragon processors and Super AMOLED displays, one can easily disregard the magnificent Nokia 3310 as outdated and something for the history books. But as it is resurrected from the dead, today we will prove how the phone is still worth your money and beats any other phone hands down:

1) Battery life


Unarguably Nokia 3310’s battery life CANNOT be matched by any other phone. The phone’s 2.4-inch display is accompanied with a 1200vmAh lithium-ion battery means that the 3310 can last for months, or years, on a single charge. Don’t you dare blaspheme and say we are overestimating!

2. Cost


The latest Nokia 3310 will cost you $65, and is sufficient for the actual purpose a phone is made for, i.e. calling and texting!

3. Indestructible


In all the cases, Nokia 3310 is both the immovable object and the unstoppable force! The ‘brick’ phone has earned a reputation of being simply indestructible, and even the latest phone comes with a solid plastic body and a shatterproof glass screen.

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4. Snake

No Temple Run or Pokemon Go can match the class of playing Snake Xenzia, which is basically how we spent most of our childhood!

5. Nostalgia


The flashy new phones might startle your vision, but they can never make you teary eyed like the way 3310 does! The phone brings back all the memories of the past, and the latest revamped version with its funky colors and features ensure that it is something worth buying.

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