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This Is What Happens When A Dynamite Is Crushed Using A Hydraulic Press

Dynamite is something that you should handle with great care because if accidently set off, it can destroy and crush everything in the vicinity. But how do you crush dynamite?

Simple, put it in a hydraulic press! The guys at the Hydraulic Press Channel decided to crush dynamite using a hydraulic press!


Image Source: YouTube/Hydraulic Press Channel


Nitroglycerin in the dynamite is an extremely combustible substance. This highly unstable component is also known as the ‘touch powder’ signifying that even the slightest of the disturbance can set it off.


Image Source: YouTube/Hydraulic Press Channel


Given the presence of nitroglycerin in dynamite, the probability of an explosion is remarkably high. The obliteration of the Hydraulic Press by the dynamite is a satisfactory sight; watch the video below:



However, we recommend you not to try this at home! Dynamite is extremely dangerous and can go off at any time.  Whatever you do, just stay away from it!