Car Springs vs. Hydraulic Press Is The Scariest Video Ever


The guys from Finland who run the Hydraulic Press Channel have amazed and awed us by wrecking various object under the hydraulic press like iPhone 7, golf balls, dynamite, ball bearings, and others.

However, this time, they have taken it way beyond! It’s crazier than ever. And, for obvious reasons, do not try this at home. Like ever!


Image Source: YouTube/HPC


It is car springs vs. the hydraulic press. Even the guys themselves were awed by the enormity of the challenge they undertook.

“This is one of the most stupid things we’ve ever done.”


Image Source: YouTube/HPC


Given the risky nature of the experiment, it was filmed behind a polycarbonate plate with a safety axle to keep the car spring from springing!

Watch the crazy video here:


The experiment was daring and stupid! Springs can accumulate a great amount of energy when compressed in the form of elastic potential energy (EPE). EPE increases with the compressed distance squared. If compressed beyond the limit, the EPE can build up so much that it could shatter the spring, sensing mangled pieces flying with an incredible force.

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