Watch What Happens When This 144 Tons Hydraulic Press Crushes A Pile Of 1500 Paper Sheets

Some kids get pleasure out of squishing bugs, and some adults wish to squish anything and everything under a hydraulic press, may it be the iconic Nokia 3310, dynamite, ball bearing, car springs, gold, glitter, batteries, and even an anvil. The world stops at nothing, and now, the next target is a stack of paper.

If you had a 144 tons hydraulic press at your disposal, you would definitely try to crush pretty much everything with this giant monster. You may have never thought that crushing paper could be fun, but this video will change everything for you. If the right amount of pressure is applied, a water jet can prove deadly as well, where a poor harmless piece of paper has to face the wrath of furious water jet leaving the nozzle at very high speed. But if a pile of those is placed underneath a hydraulic press, it will be a violent sight to scare you right away.

Watch this video to see the stacks of A4 and thick paper pulp sheets getting destroyed in moments, resulting in chunks that won’t be as soft and harmless as the bits of torn paper sheets. What flies away from the press at the explosion would seem like the wood splinters that you definitely do not want to come in contact with.

Source: Hydraulic Press Channel

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