This Is The World’s Most Luxurious Coloring Book That Will Cost You $30,000

Buying expensive and quality things might have been a code of luxury in the older days. But today, it has become quite a trend to buy absurd expensive things. Bizzare pillows costing $57,000, that costs an arm and a leg, and even potato chips that cost $11 a piece, and for the people who treat their pets like royalties, there are the $200,000 dog mansions. If you are also a fan of overly-priced luxurious items, you may be interested in the “World’s most luxurious coloring book” that costs merely $30,850 for 10 bespoke illustrations from the world renowned illustrator and author, Ian Beck.

Image: Very First To

Most people think that the coloring books are for children only, but in the past few years, adult coloring books have risen as a popular craze and most adults do look at them as a source of entertainment and relaxation. It has been found that coloring is a very reliable way of dealing with stress. Nowadays, thousands of such books are found in stores all over the world. The only thing missing was a luxury coloring book, and “Very First To”, a luxury goods and services company just made it a reality!

The luxury coloring book is titled, “The Bespoke Coloring Book,” as the art illustrations are created as per your preferences by the famous illustrator Ian Beck. He is the same man who created the iconic album cover for Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” If you want to buy the book, you will first meet Ian Beck who will find out the important things in your life, family, places that you love, and the most momentous times of your life. He will then incorporate all this information into 10 unique illustrations of your desired style..

Image: Very First To

The illustrator is as excited about the project as you might be, and says that,

“I anticipate that the type of subjects people would like to have illustrated include: a portrait of themselves; pets; home; favorite holiday resort; family at their favorite restaurant; cottage in the country, etc. This is an amazing keepsake and heirloom in the making for the family.”

Image: Very First To

Getting your desired ‘Customized illustrations’ is not the only feature of this luxury coloring book. The drawings will be made on handmade paper, and Masters Bookbinding will then handbind the papers using traditional crafts and tools. An embossed leather cover holds the drawings where your name will be sparkling, written with 24-carat gold foil.

Image: Very First To

You may find it crazy to buy something as expensive as that, but for people buying the simplest of Louis Vuitton stationary for thousands of dollars, this coloring book is clearly worth it, particularly for the custom drawings that it offers. You can get your own version of the Bespoke Coloring Book for $30,850 at the VeryFirstTo website.

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