This Is What A 4D Sphere Would Look Like In Real Life

4D sphere in 3D world

Creating 4D objects is the new target of scientists and developers now. From 4D printed ceramics to 4D cameras, the inventors are rushing to add another dimension to the previously existing 3D items. According to Wikipedia, 4D is the extra dimension and a mathematical extension of the concept of three-dimensional or 3D space. A very common example is the Tesseract, which is the 4D version of the  3D cube.

A YouTube channel The Action Lab is bringing us a video representation of the spherical version of the tesseract, the 4D version of a ball. The video description states, “In this video, I show you what a movement through a fourth spatial dimension would look like in our 3D World. I show you what crazy stuff would happen if a 4th-dimensional being were to move 4D objects through our 3D space.”

The host showed various examples that illustrate the intricacies of the ever elusive fourth dimension using various drawings, a silver sphere, and a few simple accessories. He tells the story of how a four-dimensional object will experience our 3D world. The Action Lab explained, “Weird things happen like the sudden appearing of objects, shape changing, sudden mirror imaging and more! This video is helpful to understanding a 4th spatial dimension using the simplest object…a sphere. This is easier than a tesseract to understand because it looks the same from all directions.” A very interesting thing about the 4D objects is that it can make it impossible to hide anything.


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