Can You Solve This Challenging Broom Riddle

broom riddle

There is no shortage of fun puzzles which need to be solved. These puzzles stimulate our thinking ability and exercise our minds. The answer can sometimes be very obvious, but it is hard to find the right approach to reach the solution. A YouTube channel Physics Girl posted one such broom riddle which has confused everyone.

The channel Physics Girl is run by a girl named Dianna Leilani Cowern who is a science communicator and host of a PBS Digital Studios channel. Her light, fun and fast-paced videos are posted on the channel which is followed by thousands of fans all over the world. A few days ago, Dianna posted a video which featured another YouTube celebrity and musician, Kurt Hugo Schneider. The clip is called, The Broom Riddle, and was the third part of a series of confusing riddles.

The situation is simple. Dianna balances a broom on her hand using the cleaning tool’s center of mass. She then asks, if the broom is cut at that point, which side will weigh more? You won’t find the answer here, for that you can consider watching the video yourself. The clip is giving a thorough explanation with clear diagrams which will help you understand the answer.


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