Watch This Guy Open A Chinese Padlock With Lighter

A YouTube Channel, LockPickingLawyer, often shares his knowledge and information about padlocks. This time he came up with a Chinese padlock which is, in fact, the nightmare of all the locks that ever existed. It is a Chinese laminated padlock with a plastic core. The host said that he had already tried opening the lock with a ranch and he broke it open quickly. Now he wants to work a new strategy in which he will heat the bottom of the lock, where the plastic core is visible and then use the same ranch to open it up.

The host starts heating the bottom of the lock using a lighter and keep checking in between to see if the lock is ready to break open, utilizing the ranch or not. Nearly 20 seconds after heating the lock, he puts the ranch into the lock and breaks open it easily. This is perhaps the reason these locks from China are so cheap and can cost you a lot in the long run. Therefore, when it comes to buying a lock, always consider buying the expensive and secure ones which can last longer.


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